Kartuli Cementi

Kartuli Cementi plant was put into exploitation in January 2008, with clinker capacity of 0.4 million tonnes per year. The company poduces and sells clinker to the HeidelbergCement group companies as well as to external customers on the Georgian market.

Short History

In May 2006, HeidelbergCement acquired a majority of Kartuli Cementi stake and its grinding plant with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of cement per year.  Kartuli Cementi and HeidelbergCement devised a plan to dismantle the German Kiefersfelden plant in just 3 months. The dismantling and re-erection was accomplished entirely by Georgian work force, within a timeframe of only 18 months. The Georgian team comprised a total of 27 highly skilled engineers, electricians and labourers. This project became a good example of collaboration between Georgian and German supervisors and specialists.

Good planning and excellent teamwork made it possible to complete the initial phase in just over 2 months. The equipment moved included a raw mill, a coal mill, a Lepol kiln converted to a 4-stage suspension pre-heater kiln, a clinker cooler and a finish mill, among many other components. Project team worked with German and Georgian freight forwarders to organise the logistics and make possible the on-time delivery of the dismantled plant to Georgia by river, sea, over-road and railway transport. 

Relocation of modernized plant from Kiefersfelden, Germany to Georgia was the first precedent in post soviet countries; this was good opportunity to get the European modernized plant by minimized costs.