Organizational Structure

HeidelbergCement was presented in Georgia by two production companies:

  • HeidelbergCement Georgia (former SaqCementi, which operates cement plants, in Kaspi (1), Rustavi (2) and Poti regions)
  • HeidelbergCement Caucasus (former Kartuli Cementi - integrated cement plant in Rustavi, a clinker producer, former HeidelbergBeton Georgia - a leading concrete producer in Georgia)

The process of reorganization/merger of LLC HeidelbergCement Georgia and LLC HeidelbergCement Caucasus is finalized in April, 2018. As a result of the reorganization HeidelbergCement Caucasus has been merged to HeidelbergCement Georgia therefore HeidelbergCement Georgia has become a full legal successor of HeidelbergCement Caucasus.

HeidelbergCement Georgia

Georgia Ltd

Former SaqCementi. Integrated 3 wet cement plants in Rustavi and Kaspi

Kartuli Cementi

Integrated dry cement plant in Rustavi, reallocated from Germany


13 RMX plants in different regions of Georgia