Quarry Life Award

In more than 1000 quarries and pits worldwide HeidelbergCement is committed to managing biodiversity during and after extraction by promoting exceptional local flora and fauna. Quarry Life Award is an international research and educational contest organized by HeidelbergCement in 21 countries worldwide. The Quarry Life Awards aims at raising the awareness of the biological value of mining sites and at promoting environmental education projects with a focus on mining and biodiversity.

HeidelbergCement invites students, researchers, scientists and non-governmental organizations to submit scientific projects related to the high biodiversity of its quarries. In each country, national juries choose 5 best projects, which are given 6 months for implementation of their pilot projects. After presenting the pilot projects, the national jury selects 3 winners, which are given financial awards for their full implementation.Independently from the national juries, each country's nationally selected 5 projects are reviewed on the global competition by the international jury.

The Quarry Life Award offers a unique opportunity to add true ecological and educational value to a mining environment. Every two years, our quarries open their doors from March to September to the selected participants. Over this six-month period, contestants can study ants, bats, bees, birds, crayfish, invertebrates and sheep in the quarry habitats. They also investigate grass vegetation, wetland species, species living in rocky areas, etc., and can analyze their biodiversity richness. 

Check the archive projects on www.quarrylifeaward.com for inspiration. Projects are impressive!