18 February 2019

Christmas Spirit Hit Kaspi In Full Splendor 2018

On Friday, December 26, without exaggeration, celebratory spirit hit Kaspi in full splendor as it gathered dozens of kids and their parents around the beautifully ignited central square HeidelbergCement Georgia gifted to Kaspi residents earlier this month. “This year, we are celebrating the New Year's Eve in Kaspi truly extraordinarily”, whispered Ms. Natia Tsvariani, Marketing & PR Manager, as she contemplated a sea of joyful faces surrounding the Santa Claus, Disney heroes and animators that the Company brought to the city alongside boundless Christmas giveaways to help lift up the spirits of Kaspians.

Most of 42.8 thousand persons living in Kaspi municipality and do not have enough time to bring their kids to impressive Christmas shows in Tbilisi. “That is why we thought it would be a marvelous idea to bring the world-class festivity to Kaspi, not only for the kids of hardworking employees of our enterprise but for Kaspians in general” stated Mr. Michael Hampel, General Director.

In order to restore the Christmas Spirit in their hearts and to ease the monetary pressure, HeidelbergCement has created a festive ambience accessible to all residents. While it is the first time the Company has orchestrated a carnival in the stunningly decorated Children's Square in the center of Kaspi, this is by far not the only CSR initiative HeidelbergCement has undertaken in the Kaspi Municipality in the past decade.

HeidelbergCement regularly encourages youngsters to study for a better future of Georgia. According to Mr. Irakli Makharoblidze, Director of Sales and Marketing, a social responsibility initiative that HeidelbergCement turned into a tradition entails gifting all first-graders of Kaspi school supplies each year. The Company representatives handed a full set of school supplies to inaugural student of all five schools in Kaspi. This autumn, the project covered 191 first-graders, totaling 574 beneficiaries since the inception of the initiative back in 2016.

In June 2018, to continue reinforcing education in Kaspi, HeidelbergCement Georgia financed the first ‘Think Like Proton 2018’ chemistry conference. 54 students from three schools in Kaspi participated in the event and all of them received memorable gifts from HCG.

In 2018, HeidelbergCement Georgia has refurbished one of the municipal buildings and fully equipped it with state-of-the-art gym gear where Kaspians can go and work out free of charge.

It is also noteworthy, the HeidelbergCement Tbilisi Marathon identified Tsnuli, a social enterprise located in Kaspi, as one of the beneficiaries and, consequently, assisted this wicker-producing company in building and fully equipping the enterprise that employs and empowers persons with disabilities.Mr. Makharoblidze is confident year 2019 will bring even more creative and collaborative initiations by HeidelbergCement: “keep an eye on our upcoming interesting CSR initiatives in 2019 as we strive to better the lives of many and care for the community we work in”.

Heidelbergcement has been operating in Georgia since 2006 and presently owns three cement factories in Kaspi and Rustavi, a cement terminal in Poti and a cement mill in Supsa. HeidelbergCement has invested over EUR 200 million in Georgia and has given employment to over 1,200 persons locally.