20 December 2014

Visiting Bediani

Heidelbergcementrepresentatives officially passed the funds received from Tbilisimarathon to Bediani Children’s Center.

On November 20, representatives of “Heidelbergcement Caucasus” visited Bediani Children’s Center and officially transmitted the money received from Tbilisimarathon for its construction.

From Heidelbergcement, the visit was attended by the General Director of the company Michael Hampel, Sales and Marketing Director Irakli Makharoblidze and the PR team. Organizers of “Tbilisimarathon” have seen the constructing complex for Bediani orphans, which is supported by the money obtained from half marathon and also organizers gave some presents to children .

The Money received from the “Tbilisimarathon” registration was 15630 Gel. Traditionally “Heidelbergcement” has doubled this money and transmitted to the Bediani constructing orphanage. 

It is planned to visit Bediani orphanage in the near future and besides the financial support our team will assist with professional consultancy.